Musashi Protein

Musashi Protein Powder

One of the most popular and widely known supplements in health and fitness is protein! Proteins are the building blocks of life which are the building blocks of your muscles, hair, nails – every organ in your body essentially needs protein.

Do I really need a protein powder?
Do you want to gain lean muscle and strength? You need to work out and fuel your body correctly. If you lead an active and BUSY lifestyle then Amcal Mushashi protein powder is a convenient and easy way to get in a complete source of protein quickly.

Why Mushashi Protein Powder?
Mushashi, one of Australia’s most trusted supplement brands offers supplements and protein powders that are unmatched in the industry. For 29 years Mushashi has been formulating the highest quality supplements for athletes and the protein powder is a crowd favorite. Mushashi protein powder cuts above the competitors. There are no proprietary blends or banned substances in their products. This is extremely important when choosing a protein powder – you need to know what is in your protein and what is ultimately going into your body. And with a company with a reputation for providing products of unmatched quality – you can trust Musashi Cookies Cream Bar at Amcal.

Product Specifics
Understanding how to choose a protein powder can be daunting. Reading labels packed with facts and figures can be overwhelming. Mushashi protein powder makes this easy for you. Mushashi protein powder clearly labels the 30grams of protein per serve on the main label. Continue on the back of the packaging and see the nutrition information. Only 1.2grams of fat per serving. There are only 6.9grams of sugar per serving as well. These are the three most important facts to see on the nutrition information label. Compared to most protein powders on the market, Mushashi protein powder packs a ton of protein for little fat and sugar. For an athlete being mindful of their diet – this is great news! You don’t have to make a huge dent into your carbs and fats just to get a serving from Mushashi protein powder! Lastly, because this is a whey isolate it the purest form of whey protein and is easily digested.

Amcal Mint Protein Powder is a high quality product packing 30grams of protein in a serving with little fat and sugar made of the highest quality whey. Athletes trust the Mushashi brand to defy their goals and we are sure you will too!

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